X-Ray Tech – Online School Info, Certification, and Pay Data

X-ray technicians work in hospitals, emergency clinics, and other healthcare facilities. They work alongside other healthcare workers to care for patients. The salary for these important jobs is decent, and there are many programs that offer specialized classes that are necessary to earn the certification requirements that employers want. Many students today opt to go to school online in the convenience of their own homes. An X-ray tech needs critical thinking skills, math calculations background, knowledge of human anatomy and effective communication skills. These healthcare workers expertly take X-ray images that they develop, analyze and report the findings to radiologists and other doctors.

Expected Pay for X-ray Techs

The salary levels for qualified X-ray techs do vary depending on geographical location, background, specific job and experience. These healthcare specialists can expect an annual salary of about $57,000. That median range tech salary can be up to $82,000 for certain specialty X-ray technician positions, generally only available in larger cities with highly specialized medical institutions. As with many healthcare positions, most employers offer substantial benefits that can include fantastic medical insurance coverage, retirement plans and incentives for further education. This field is expected to continue its growth over the next decade.


Requirements for X-ray Tech Jobs

Candidates must have a high school education or equivalent G.E.D. certification. Individuals can opt for 2 year X-ray tech programs that offer an A.D. with successful completion. Some local vocational schools and many community colleges also offer terrific programs that provide necessary training to become a certified X-ray tech. It is advised to have a strong background in high school level Math with calculation skills, English and Science. Students can acquire any recommended classes at offered summer school or night school programs. Prospected X-ray tech students should have good people skills and necessary effective communication abilities.

Certification Requirements

To obtain the necessary certification for X-ray Technicians, individuals that have completed the necessary training requirements will need to pass an exam usually required by State Boards overseeing medical personnel. Some employers will also require some additional training and perhaps testing which they will generally provide. Typically this is for specialty departments and facilities. After certification, the X-ray tech is generally required by state law to maintain this certification by getting 24 and up hours of continuing education credits every year or 2 depending on particular state requirements. Most employers allow X-ray techs to complete the requirements on-the-job, and many provide employee in-service instruction for this purpose. There are many free and paid online test services that offer continuing education credits after successful completion.

A Look At X-ray Tech Salary and Pay Expectation Breakdown

The following indicate mean annual salaries divided by top employer categories:

  • General Medical/Surgical Hospitals – $63,000
  • Physician Offices – $54,000
  • Outpatient Care Centers – $61,000
  • Diagnostic & Medical Labs – $59,000
  • Specialty Hospitals – $65,000
  • Federal Executive Branch – OES Designation – $62,000

The following indicates some related field jobs open for those with X-ray tech backgrounds and include annual mean range yearly salaries:

  • Management of Companies & Industries – $72,000
  • Scientific Research & Development – $73,000
  • Tax Preparation, Accounting, Payroll Services – $65,000
  • Equipment Rental & Leasing for Industrial or Commercial Machines – $75,000

Note that the above lists figures from 2 years ago. There are also lucrative jobs in Sales and Consulting related to X-ray field and equipment.